Birth Chart Session:    $150

(select astrologer below to schedule)

    *Exact birth time and location required

  • 90 minute session with astrologer

  • Personalized report

  • Reference materials

  • Integration exercises

This is offered as a stand-alone service or as a foundational session for further coaching.

Coaching Sessions:        $80

(select astrologer below to schedule)

*Birth Chart Session required prior to coaching

  • 60 minute session with astrologer

*Please remember that this is not predictive astrology.  We cannot tell you when and how your life will play out.  We will explore your natural strengths and tendencies, discussing ideas that create new possibilities.


Sarah bio.jpg

Mindy DeGraffenried is...

a hermetic soul, traveling the world in search of "truth," passionate about the divine feminine, with a gift for embracing every person and their distinct journey.


Sarah Skeem is...

brimming with a love of diverse ideas, slightly skeptical but ever hopeful, pragmatic with the blood of a rebel, and ultimately a champion for the unique expression of individual greatness.