This amazing woman has intuitive power and intelligence! Mindy has shared with me a perspective of my journey that has truly inspired my path and helped me own a higher purpose!  She eloquently displayed the beauty of my unique calling and gifts that felt spot on.  This approach to gaining more clarity in life has truly helped me, and my husband too, to have a better awareness of who we are and where are to go from here.  For those looking to understand a greater picture of their life and current time-line, I highly recommend a session! Thank you, Mindy!

June 2020

Shandi Joseph

Highland, UT

I had no idea Sarah's explanation of my birth chart would actually be a life changing experience for me. It opened my eyes to a new sense and awareness of myself.  To understand more about why I have processed life the way I do and how I can harness my strengths, is uplifting and liberating.  Sarah's explanation of the signs by parables was powerful and helped me connect deeply to emotions that have been unnamed in my mind.  I will be processing this incredible experience for a while.  Sarah has a gift for this and I came away feeling validated and elevated.

September 2020

Jaimi Morse

Bluffdale, UT

Absolutely fascinating! I've always enjoyed exploring personality profiling systems and thought I had a pretty good handle on understanding myself.  But getting a birth chart and learning about it from Sarah has taken me to a whole new level of discovery.  My time with her has been truly enlightening! She has a gift for seeing and articulating the subtle but important nuances of a person's make-up and potential.  It is exciting to get a better understanding of how and why I operate the way I do.  On one hand, this experience has been validating and comforting, and on the other hand, it has been empowering.  She has encouraged me to be more kind to myself, to rest and be more still (I needed to hear this) while also coaching me in how I can rise to my potential by stepping forward to embrace life's possibilities with more confidence and strength (that is also spot-on!).  I whole-heartedly recommend Wonder Astrology!

August 2020

Linda Cain

Riverton, UT

I didn't realize the symbolism that surrounded my birth and how it was connected to the heavens above. It can give you a special sense that you are known and unique. I really enjoyed my experience with Mindy!

March 2020

Terry M.

Denver, CO

As I am a teenager it's been meaningful for me to get a better sense of my strengths and weaknesses. Learning about different signs has helped me be more patient with situations and people I am frustrated with.

May 2020

Grace Fuller

Sandy, UT

I had a really cool experience working with Mindy and Sarah! At first I thought that the astrology thing was kinda fake, and it didn't hold much to its name, but my mind was soon changed.  After simply giving them my birthdate, they were able to read the stars and difference forces that played a role in my birth, and then explained what they mean, and they helped me to see myself in a different light.  It was so cool! They pointed out my character's strengths and weaknesses, and what I can do to be the most successful and happy throughout my life.  I felt that after this cool experience I am able to much better articulate what I have felt about myself my whole life.  It was really amazing to work with Mindy and Sarah, I would definitely recommend this healing and mind blowing opportunity to anybody!

July 2020

Tanner James

Portland, OR

Both Mindy and Sarah are unusually insightful. Sarah helped me see how what I thought was a Virgo weakness, may become my superpower. My tendency for perfectionism helps me achieve excellence where I choose to aim it. This has flipped my paradigm and opened my eyes to new possibilities for my life! Mindy helped me understand what my daughter was trying to get me to understand about her. It helps me value adventure, and her learning for her own experiences.

May 2020

Ellie Fuller

Sandy, UT

At first I thought that astrology was one of those superstitious things, and thought I would do a session for fun but then Sarah started telling me things about myself that I've never talked about with anyone! She helped me find parts of myself that I've been pushing away that I didn't realize I was pushing away. She really helped me realize what I need to improve in myself and also pointed out the good parts of me and it definitely helped me with my self worth and self confidence! I highly recommend getting a session done!

July 2020

Lily Kirkham

Bluffdale, UT