And you?

When will you begin that long journey into yourself?


Take your self-development, parenting and relationships to the next level through astrological coaching.

Why Wonder


To us, astrology isn't about fortune-telling. It isn't about describing your fate. It is about asking questions.  


Who are you choosing to be?  What are you capable of? How do you want to build your life?

We facilitate that journey of discovery.  Through an exploration of your birth chart, you will begin to see yourself with wonder again.  Wonder at your uniqueness and wonder at the possibilities.

Birth Chart Session

What  to Expect

Once you schedule your appointment and submit your exact birth information, we get to work behind the scenes.  Each birth chart is absolutely unique and must be calculated and studied prior to your appointment.

During the session we will provide a brief education before diving into your personal birth chart. This will be a conversational format. Our first goal is to help you understand the three pillars of your personality: sun, moon and ascendant. Once we have established the basic texture of your character, we will discuss your unique attributes in areas such as communication, relationships, career, etc. Finally, we offer different ideas to consider and possibilities to explore.


After your session, you will receive:

Birth Chart

Personalized Summary Report

Reference Guide

Integration Worksheets